Together in life as on the stage, Daniele Segalin and Graziana Parisi met more than 12 years ago.

He comes from the world of the circus clown. He has worked in numerous international tours with the biggest Italian circuses. She, originally from Sicily, is creator of costumes, choreographer and director of shows.

Him, Augusto on stage, her, white clown, these two were made to meet, they are complementary.

So they formed the duo “Dandy Danno & Diva G 

DIVA G (Graziana)

After studying languages, she went abroad where she studied in deep her knowledge of languages and techniques related to the world of entertainment. Born as a costume designer, creator of shows and choreographer, after the meeting with Daniele and 8 years of management in show business and entertainment, she decided to follow him in the circus experience.

DANDY DANNO (Daniele) 

In 2018 he won Angelo Musco Award as Best Actor. In 2017 he made his debut as comedian on television with “Telesiculissimi” program becoming the leading comedian. In the same year he won the “Best Character” award of Leonforte Theater National Prize in Sicily.

In 2015 he was included among the funniest comedians in the world. (source Clown blog).


Dandy Danno & Diva G comedy duo aims to let the audience discover the authentic taste of laughter.

Make people laugh is an art and they exercise it with dedication, without vulgarity, with the purpose to share, this is the real contamination.

Laughter is good for health and the ambition of the duo Dandy Danno (Daniele) and Diva G (Graziana) is to convey to others their positive thinking through comedy show, workshop and art of clowning lab.


May 2016  Torino Fringe Festival – Italy 

July 2016 Festival Avignon Off – France

2017 Festival de Aledo – Spain

May 2017 Brighton Fringe Festival – England

July 2018 XXIX Festival Internazionale del Teatro per Ragazzi a Porto Sant’Elpidio 

October 2018 XXIII Festival Internacional de Teatro Còmico da Maia 

May 2019 Festival international Radio Tirana – Albania 

October 2019 XXIV Festival Internacional de Teatro Comico de Maia – Portugal 

October 2019 Festival Clown & Clown – Monte San Giusto – Marche 

October 2019 Festival Gad Theatre Jeune Public – Pesaro 

January 2020 Teatri d’Autore – Fano 

October 2020 73° edition Festival Gad – Pesaro