LOS 4 COBRE Clown & Mask

The show comes from an experiment a bit “crazy”, as crazy are the main characters of this project.

Los 4 Cobre is a combination of two different theatrical languages: the art of mask, the physical theatre and the art of clown and visual comedy
The show includes expressive silent masks brought to life with strong physicality; these four comic characters (mother, father, daughter and son) speak with the postures and gestures.
Instead of words they used their bodies to explain the difficulties of a family to be connected to the reality. The excessive internet use interferes with their daily life. Only the father finds out the solution improving interpersonal communication and interaction skills and games.
As the clown, the father gives them the chance to be free, allowing them the freedom to laugh at themselves.
This show is comprehensible to everybody because it is essentially visual-comedy and for all ages, no language barriers.