It is the story of Diva G, an elegant  star of Cabaret who crosses the path of a sweet guy, as funny as clumsy, Dandy Danno. A chance encounter that unites two different characters. A woman sure of herself and a man with a tender heart. The conquest, the despair, the emotion, unexpected events, catastrophes, lightness, spontaneity, joy, happiness, misunderstandings, all these elements are brought together when one thinks of impossible loves. “An improbable story of love” is essentially a visual comedy show where we can expect everything. It is understandable in all languages. On stage Dandy  is very physical. He uses his body and his funny faces to make the audience laugh. His character is stylish but in reality it is also funny and awkward. Diva G. is its opposite, she is serious and realistic. She represents the intelligence and lucidity.

Go see “An improbable story of love” it is to forget, even for a few moments, all the negative thoughts.

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LOS 4 COBRE – Clown & Mask

The intent is to merge two theatrical techniques: mask and the physical theatre; clown and silent comedy. The real meeting point is the comic vein; the aim is to make people laugh in a simple way, without vulgarity and without the use of the word, wearing a mask with a character. “Los 4 Cobre” is a family that has lost its identity, lost in the virtual world from which they hardly break off.

A bright idea that picks up symbols and messages in a refined way.


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CIRCUS LOL (Lot of Laughs) is a beautiful pot-pourri made of colours and shapes in which dreams condense.
Making laugh is an art, perhaps the most difficult, to pay attention to our modesty that wakes up before the emotions, CIRCUS LOL is not just dreamlike, it tastes about the world, a world seen as a journey, a discovery.
It’s the best of Dandy Danno & Diva G. circus experiences and not only. It tastes about the “other” world that merges and merges between parents and children, who are equally involved as improvised actors and comedians. It tastes of circus world, made of marvellous non-sense and sketches, all in the end overcoming every mental barrier, the audience will be conquered and engaged in a merry-go-round of colours and magic.


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Dandy Danno and Diva G are a tender couple of two old peolple who have not yet lost a sense of humor. On their wedding anniversary day, they are contacted by a misterious voice asking them if they would want to go back in time, reliving the magic emotion of the stage. He offers them “The Great Chance”! Taken by the feeling of nostalgia, they accept and in a flash they are catapulted into a circus tent savoring, once again, the sweet sensation of limelight.

” Great Occasion “is an anthology of poetry and comedy in the style of Dandy Danno and Diva G, silence and poetic of the gestures are combined in a perfect blend. Sixty minutes full of burlesque perfonmances always touchig the grotesque. Audience and performers are accompanied to experience moments of great emotional involvement, more necessary than ever in a historical period like this.

“The Great Occasion” is a hymn to the poetics of  the Clown.